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Sign up forms are a great way to build a list of responsive subscribers. Having people visit your website is great, and from there it's worthwhile to convert them into subscribers through your sign up process.

How Can I Change the Design of My Form?

Within the "Sign Up Form Generator," you are able to change the design of your sign up form to reflect the stylish look you wanted to publish. To begin the process, choose a template for your sign up form. Click the "Show More" option to bring up a menu of different categories.

Form editor

You can browse through the templates to find a sign up form template that matches your website design and theme. Simply click the template you want to use and load it into the generator. You can change settings of the sign up form through the options provided in the "Sign Up Form Generator."

For more information about changing the design, please visit the following:

Which option should I choose when publishing my sign up form?

Once your sign up form is designed to your liking, you may add the form to your website. Complete the steps provided in the sign up form generator until you reach the "Publish" section. In the "Publish" section, you will be provided with two options. Click the option that best suites your needs and we will provide either the coding of the form or the URL of the hosted form. Each option depends on the selection you choose.


How Do I Split Test My Sign Up Forms?

Split testing your sign up forms is a great way for you to determine which one of your sign up forms produces the best opt-ins to your list. This can be useful information for growing your list of subscribers! To split test your sign up forms, you will need to click on the "Split Test Your Forms" button on the Sign Up Forms page.

Split test forms button

For more information about split testing your sign up forms, please visit the following:

Note: Split testing sign up forms is not accessible on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature and many more by clicking here, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Here are further instructions on how to upgrade your account.

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