How do I integrate my TypePad blog with AWeber?

Integrating AWeber's Blog Broadcast feature with your TypePad blog requires two steps:

  • Publish an AWeber sign up form to your blog's sidebar
  • Set up the Blog Broadcast feature for your blog

How to Publish a Form to Your TypePad Blog's Sidebar

Your readers need an opportunity to sign up to receive your blog newsletter, and you can provide that opportunity by publishing a sign up form to your blog.

To do so, you'll need to complete the instructions for creating a sign up form in AWeber, then get the form's HTML.

Once you have the HTML for your form, complete the instructions from TypePad to add HTML to your blog's sidebar.

Send Your TypePad Blog Newsletter Using Blog Broadcast

With a form published to your site and a way to collect subscribers, you're ready to set up the Blog Broadcast feature to send your newsletter.

Complete the instructions on how to create a Blog Broadcast in our Knowledge Base, and you will be ready to build a stronger readership with your email newsletter.

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