How do I change my sign up form submit button?

For any of our sign up form templates you can change the submit button. Some templates will have an image loaded by default for the sign up form button, where as others do not. Below you will find instructions on how to use/change an image for the submit button, and how to use basic submit button where you can type in your own text.

With a basic submit button you can change the text for the button and the colors for the button as well.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click on the Sign Up Forms tab in your account's navigation bar, then click on the "Create a Sign Up Form" button (or open an existing form you'd like to change the submit button for).

    Create form button

  2. Underneath the "Elements" section, you'll see drop-down menu labeled "Form Type". Click on it.

    Click the Form Type drop-down menu
  3. Next, select the "Submit Button" option.

    Select the Submit Button option

    At this point the instructions will be different depending on what you are trying to do.

Using or changing an image in your submit button

  1. After selecting "Submit Button" from the "Form Type" drop-down menu, you will see an area for the Button Image URL. If there is a URL currently in there for a button image, click the "x" to delete it.

    Click the X next to the existing Button Image URL to delete it

    Next, enter in the URL for the button image that you wish to use. You can also select an image from your Image Gallery.

    Enter the image URL in the field

  2. On your keyboard, click Tab, and your image will appear as the Submit button for your form. 

    Click Tab on your keyboard and your image will appear

Using a basic submit button

  1. After selecting "Submit Button" from the "Form Type" drop-down menu, you will see the "Button Image" field. If there is a URL in there, make sure to delete it.

    Delete any existing image URL from the Button Image field

    You can also remove an existing button image by clicking on it and selecting the "Switch to HTML button" from the "Form Button" box that pops up.

    Click Swithc to HTML button

  2. Click Tab on your keyboard and you will see a basic "Submit" button appear in your form.

    Hit Tab on your keyboard and a basic Submit button will appear

  3. Click on the Submit button and a "Form Button" box will pop up again. From within this box you can change the text that you would like to appear for the "Submit" button. After you have typed in the text you would like to use for the button, click on the "Save Field" button.

    Change the text of the button from the Form Button box

  4. Above the form you will see additional options for changing font style, size, and color for the font of the Submit button. Adjust these options as you see fit.

    Edit the font style from the options above the form

    You can change the color for the button itself. Here just select if you would like the button to be a gradient or solid color.

    Edit the button color from the next set of options

    Next, to the color options you will see additional options for adjusting the position of the button.

    Edit the position of the form from the last three icons

  5. You are now complete! Now you have adjusted the settings for using a basic submit button. Below you will see an example of a customized submit button.

    Example of an edited Submit button
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