How do I resize my form?

If you wish to shrink your form (or expand it), you can do so in the "Sign Up Form Generator."

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click on the Sign Up Forms tab in the navigation menu, then start working on a form by either clicking on the name of an existing form, or clicking the "Create A Sign Up Form" button to make a new one.

  2. Just underneath the "Elements" section, you'll find a input box for width. If you have a specific width in mind enter it here.

    Use the Width input box to adjust to a specific width

    Otherwise, you can use the Resize tab, attached to the side of your form, to adjust its width.

    Use the Resize tab to manually adjust the width

  3. The height of your form is determined by the size of its contents. Thus, you need to reduce the amount of content (or make that content smaller) in order to shrink your form vertically. Here are a few things to look out for:

    Delete the header or footer (or any unnecessary part of the form).

    One quick way to make your form fit into a smaller space is to simply delete extra parts of the form. Sure, that header might be pretty, but if it doesn't fit on the page, just hover over it and click the "Delete" button.

    : You can delete any part of the form except the email address field and the submit button.

    Delete the Header by hovering over the section and clicking the Delete button

    Adjust your text placement and size.

    You can also edit the text used in your form to make the form smaller. You can start by selecting "Labels" from the drop-down menu just above and to the left side of the form editor.

    Select Labels from the Form Type drop-down

    Now the toolbar across the top will have options to edit the labels of the fields in your form (Name:, Email:, etc). On the right side, the Position buttons will allow you to move the labels of those fields so they are to the left of the fields, rather than above them.

    Use the Position buttons to move the position of the form labels

    If you are still looking for ways to save on vertical space, you might want to use a smaller font size by using the drop-down menu.

    Note: You can do this same font size adjustment for the submit button, as well as any links that you have included in the form - just choose the appropriate option from the drop down on the left instead of Labels.

    Select a font size from the drop-down menu

    If you are using a header, footer, or other text area, you can adjust the font size of those areas separately by clicking on the area you want to change, then using the "Font Size" drop-down menu in the popup that appears.

    Click the area you want to edit and use the Font Size drop-down in the pop up menu

    Reduce the padding in your form.

    Padding is the amount of space that separates the content of an area from its surroundings. You can adjust the vertical padding in the body, header, or footer of the form by selecting the appropriate option from that "Form Type" drop-down on the left (instead of Labels if you were just working on those). Once you select the option you want to adjust, you will see the "Padding" section.

    Use the Padding section to adjust the padding

    You can adjust the vertical padding to a smaller number using the rightmost two fields.

    The rightmost two fields are for vertical padding

  4. Be sure to click "Save Your Form" to save.
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