How do I add a subscriber counter to my form?

If you would like to use a little social proof and show visitors to your website how many people are benefiting from your email newsletter, you can easily add a subscriber counter to your sign up form. Once you have created your form, adding a counter can be done by following a few simple steps.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. At the top of the Sign Up Form editor, in the "Elements" section, click the "Counter" button to add the counter to the bottom of your form.

    Click the Counter button

  2. In the popup that appears, you can change the color of the background or the text of the counter. Just click on the box next to the one you want to change:

    Changing background color

    Then use the color picker to choose the new color, and hit "OK."

    Using the color picker

    Once you are done adjusting the colors of the counter, click the "OK" button.

  3. Now that the counter has been added, you can hover your mouse over it on the form and either drag it to a different spot in the form, click on the pencil icon to make a change to it, or click the "Delete" button to delete it.

    You can click the counter to move it or edit it

That's it! Make sure that you click "Save Your Form" button when you are done to save the changes.

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