How do I get a basic, unformatted form?

The "Sign Up Form Generator" provides you with tools to design a beautiful form. Sometimes, however, website owners desire only a very simple form to insert into their site. They don't want any styling for the form, preferring to roll their own or adapt the style from their sites.

To generate basic HTML for this purpose, follow these steps.

  1. Create a form in your account or use one of your already created forms.

  2. From the Sign Up Forms page, you can click the "Publish" link.

    Click publish

    Or, if you were already in the "Sign Up Form" editor, you can click the "Publish" tab instead.

    Choose publish step

  3. Here, click "I Will Install My Form."

    Choose I will install my own form

  4. In the area below, click "Raw HTML Version."

    Select Raw HTML option

  5. Uncheck the "Include beautiful form styles" box.

    Uncheck beautiful form styles

  6. Now you can simply copy the HTML and place the form on your website as normal, without our CSS styles.

    Copy and add code to page

That's it! You now have a basic form you can use for your website and can style it as you desire.

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