Why isn't my form working on my ASP page?

ASP stands for Active Server Page. It is a technology that enables you to make dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP uses server-side scripting to dynamically produce webpages that are not affected by the type of browser the visitor is using. Web pages made with the scripting language ASP often rely on the use of HTML form code for their functionality, even when there are no visible form fields on a page.

AWeber forms are published using HTML and the combination of the two forms on a web page can cause a conflict where the AWeber form will not work.

To understand this article, a fundamental understanding of web pages and HTML is necessary.

If this information seems overly technical, you'll want to pass it along to your web designer for review.

The Problem of a "Form Within a Form"

If you've copied and pasted an AWeber form's HTML to your page and are finding that it is not working properly, the problem probably has to do with this conflict.

The ASP form HTML tends to span the entire body of a web page, nearly from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, when you publish the HTML for your AWeber form, it will go somewhere in the middle. You can visualize it this way, where the AWeber form HTML becomes nested within the ASP HTML.

Sometimes we refer to this phenomenon as a "form within a form", and it's problematic.

The problem is that based on the way HTML works, whenever the submit button it hit on your form, instead of sending it to AWeber using the HTML you published, it is sent to the ASP form processor.

How Can I Avoid This Issue and Publish a Form on My Page?

The easiest way to correct this issue so you can begin to collect subscribers is to replace your AWeber form on the ASP page with a newsletter sign up link.

This link would need to direct the visitor to another page that doesn't contain any ASP code. Here, you could publish your sign up form and avoid any conflicting HTML problems.

The alternative solution would be to get in touch with your web developer to discuss ways they can help you place the sign up form outside of the ASP form HTML to avoid the "form within a form" problem.

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