Which option should I choose when publishing my sign up form?

Once you have created a sign up form, you will need to publish it so that people can start subscribing. AWeber offers several options for getting your form online, so take a look at what will work best for you.

To get started, you'll need to visit the "Publish" page for your sign up form. If you are already in the sign up form editor, just click "Publish" (Step 3).

Click the Publish step

If you are not, make sure you've clicked the "Sign Up Forms" tab, then click the "Publish" link underneath the name of the form that you would like to publish.

Publish button

Once here, there are three main ways you can publish your form.

  1. The default method is publishing your form using the Javascript snippet. This is automatically selected for you at the top of the "Publish" page.

    Javascript snippet

    Just copy the javascript from the box, and paste it on your site to publish the form.

    Copy Javascript snippet

    You should use javascript unless you have a specific reason to use another method - it will not clutter up your web site's code, and the form on your site will update automatically when you make a change in your AWeber account.

  2. If you want to make some changes to the form that was produced in your account, and you are comfortable editing HTML, you can click "Raw HTML Version."

    Choose Raw HTML

    This will provide the raw HTML used to generate your form. Simply copy the code that we give you, paste it on your site, and make any modifications that you need to.

    Select to copy that code

    If you do not want to use the styles of the form, you can uncheck the box for "Include beautiful form styles." This will allow you to work with a basic, unformatted form that will post to AWeber. Keep in mind that this should be reserved for advanced use of the form - if you are not comfortable working with HTML or you are not sure why you would want to do so, simply use the javascript version.

    Uncheck beautiful form styles

  3. Finally, if you would like to have a link to a landing page where your form is hosted, but do not have a website or the ability to create a page with just the form on it, you can click "Use My Form as a Landing Page."

    Click the option for Use My Form as a Landing Page

    This will create a link that you can place anywhere - in an email, on your website, or even in a tweet. Copy the URL and provide to potential subscribers so that they may sign up, or load it into your browser to test it yourself.

    Copy the URL for your AWeber landing page
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