How can I have subscribers start on a certain legacy follow up message?

If you want your subscribers to start on a certain message in your legacy follow up series, you can easily modify your sign up form to do this.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Either create a new form or open an existing one by going to the "Sign Up Forms" page, then clicking the name of the form in question.

  2. When working on the sign up form, click on the "Settings" section.

  3. Here, click on "Show Advanced Settings."

  4. Choose the message you would like your subscribers to start on from the "Start On Message" drop down menu.

    Note: The last option in this drop down menu is "No Followups", only "Broadcasts." You can choose this to have subscribers skip the legacy follow up sequence for this list entirely, but still get broadcast messages sent to the list as normal.

  5. Now click the "Save Your Form" button to save your form, and publish the form as normal.
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