Why can't I add another name field to my form?

When you are adding fields to your sign up form, you may run into an error message that reads "The 'name' field already exists. Click on it to edit it."

Name field error message

Our name field is specially designed to collect a full name, allowing you to use personalization fields to display either the first, last, or full name - all with the data from one field (for example, {!firstname} will display the first word of the name field, while {!lastname} will display the last word). This is why you aren't able to just create a dedicated "First Name" field.

Changing the label of the name field

There may be times when you do not want to collect the full name of the subscriber. If you only want to collect their first name, you can just change the label of the name field. To edit the name field, just hover over it and click on the pencil icon.

Click pencil icon

To change the label, simply replace the current value with your own, such as "First Name."

Rename the full name field

Using two fields to capture name

If you prefer, you can change the name field to use two fields. When editing the name field as above, just click the radio button for "First & Last Name."

First & last name option

You can change the labels for these fields just as you would for the regular name field above. When someone fills out these two fields, their name will be saved as normal in the name field - the information from each field is simply combined.

When you are satisfied with your changes, just click "Save Your Form", and continue working with your form as usual.

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