How can I add a list selection field to my sign up form?

If you'd like for your subscribers to have an option to select from multiple lists when they sign up to your list, you can do so by making a few customization to the "Raw HTML Version" of the Sign Up Form that the generator provides. This process will require some basic HTML skills and will only work for in-line Sign Up Forms.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, make sure all lists options are created. You can navigate between lists using the "Active List" drop-down menu.

    Active List menu

    Next, click "Pages & Forms" then "Sign Up Forms" in the navigation menu.

    Sign Up Forms tab

  2. Setup your form in the "Sign Up Form Generator" to your desired look. Then, click on the "Create a New Custom Field" button.

    Click Create a New Custom Field

    Enter "List Selection" for the name of the field and click "Next".

    Name the field List Selection

    Enter a "Label" for your list selection field as you'd like for it to appear on your form.

    Add a Label for your list selection field

    Choose "Select Box - Multiple Choice" for the "Input Type."

    Choose Select Box - Multiple Choice for your Input Type

    Enter the options you'd like your subscribers to select from, as you'd like for the options to be visible to your subscribers.

    Enter the options for subscribers to select from

    Finish designing your form.

    : DO NOT set the List Selection field as required.
  3. Once your Sign Up Form is finished, click on "Publish."

    Click on Publish

    Click on "I Will Install My Form", then select the "Raw HTML Version" option. Copy the HTML.

    Click I will install my form

  4. Paste the HTML into your favorite text editor and make the following changes to the HTML.

    Find the input field containing the name attribute set to "listname" and delete the line of HTML.

    <input type="hidden" name="listname" value="awlist1234567">

    Find the select tag with the name attribute set to the name of your custom field. In this example, locate "custom List Selection".

    <select id="awf_field-39716478" name="custom List Selection" tabindex="502">

    Change "custom List Selection" with "listname". The HTML should look as followed:

    <select id="awf_field-39716478" name="listname" tabindex="502">

    Change the "value" attributes for each of the drop-down's options to the Unique List ID's for each of the lists that go along with the labels your subscribers will see.

    <option class="multiChoice" value="Unique List ID 1">Lasagna</option>
    <option class="multiChoice" value="Unique List ID 2">Spaghetti</option>
    <option class="multiChoice" value="Unique List ID 3">Ravioli</option>
    <option class="multiChoice" value="Unique List ID 4">Macaroni</option>
  5. Publish your revised HTML to your website. Moving forward, your subscribers will be added to the list they choose from the dropdown menu!
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