Can I use radio buttons and drop-down menus in my forms?

You can create up to 25 custom fields in your AWeber account, and the "Sign Up Form Generator" allows you to easily use radio buttons and drop down menus in order to capture that extra data.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. When editing or creating a sign up form, click the "Create A New Field" button to produce a new field. Once you have given the new field a name (this is for your reference, as you can choose a different subscriber facing label in the next step), simply click "OK."

  2. In the popup that appears, choose either "Select Box" (drop down) or "Radio" button field.

    Choose select box

  3. When you click on your selection, you will be prompted to enter your choices. You can use a premade list of choices from the drop down menu under the "Enter Choices" heading (for example, US States or numbers 1-100), or you can provide your own choices, typing each option into the text field, then clicking the plus button to add it.

    Enter your choices

  4. If you are interested in having one of the options be selected by default, you can click on "Pre-Selected" just below the "Enter Choices" area. Here you can either pick one of your existing choices to be the default selection, or if using a "Select Box", provide a "Heading" which will be displayed in the drop down field by default but will not count as a choice when the form is submitted.


    Note: If you would like to force your subscribers to make a selection from a "Select Box," you can enter a heading, then check the "Required" box. For "Radio" buttons, just make them required and do not choose a "Pre-Selected" option. 

  5. If you are using radio buttons, you can choose whether the fields should be side by side or stacked atop each other. Just click the heading below the "Pre-Selected" area and choose the option you'd like.

    Radio button alignment

  6. Finally, click the "OK" button to close the popup, and click "Save Your Form" when you are done with any other changes you need to make to your form.
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