How do I add a border or background to my form?

If you prefer to change the border or background of your sign up form, you can do so in the "Sign Up Form Generator." Here's how:

  1. Go the Sign Up Forms page and either create a new form or edit an existing one by clicking on its name.

  2. Underneath the "Elements" section, you'll find a toolbar with a drop-down box labeled "Type." Click on it to see the elements of a form you can customize. Then, select the "Body" option from the list.

    Body option

  3. Customize your form's background and/or border:


    To change the color of your form's background, click on the "Background" icon, choose a color, and click "Okay."

    Background color picker

    To use your own form background image, enter the URL of your image into the "Background Image" input box. You can also select an image from your Image Gallery.

    Background image

    You can adjust the tiling and positioning of the background using the remaining options. Note: You can experiment with these options and see how they affect your form as you make adjustments to them.


    To change your form's border, experiment with the options next to the "Border" label. You can change the border type to solid, dotted, or dashed.

    Border type

    Adjust its thickness.

    Border thickness

    Or change its color.

    Border color picker

  4. Once you are done, make sure you click "Save Your Form" and publish your form if necessary.
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