How do I trigger a lightbox form with a link or button?

By default, the "Lightbox" option in the Sign Up Form Generator generates a form that automatically appears when the page it's published to loads. With some customization, you can trigger a button or link to load the form instead of having it load immediately.

How to Trigger a Lightbox with a Link or Button

  1. Click on the "Sign Up Forms" tab.

    click on sign up forms

  2. Create a new form or edit an existing one.

  3. Set the "Form Type" to "Lightbox," then save and publish the form to the webpage you would like for the lightbox to appear on.

    The ideal place to put your lightbox form's javascript is at the very top of the <body> of your page.

    copy and paste javascript code and place that near the top or bottom of the code on your page

  4. Paste the following HTML in the head section of your page.

    * This must be inserted above your form's HTML

  5. Add the following HTML to the <body> of your page.

    Note: The "#" symbol for the href should not be changed.

    If using a button image instead of hyperlinked text, your code would be as followed including the direct link URL of your image.

  6. Publish your page. When you click on the link/button, your lightbox will appear.
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