How can I create a thank you page selection field?

If you want to direct subscribers to different thank you pages when they fill out your sign up form, you can do so by editing the "Raw HTML version" of a form you create in your AWeber account.

This may be useful if, for instance, you want subscribers to select a product they're interested in when signing up, and would like them sent right to the order page. If you're trying to send subscribers different email messages depending on their choice, you may be interested in a list selection field instead.

Note: You'll need to use the "Raw HTML Version" of HTML the "Sign Up Form Generator" provides and must have some basic HTML skills. This solution only works for in-line forms.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Under the Sign Up Forms tab, either create a new form or click the name of the form you'd like to edit.

  2. On the left, click the "Create A New Field" button.

  3. In this area, give the field a name easy for you to identify, like "Thank you page."

    Choose "Select Box" for the "Input Type."

    Enter a "Label" for your "thank you page" field, as you'd like for it to appear on your form.

    Enter the options you'd like your subscribers to select from, as you'd like for them to appear to them.

    Note: You should not set the "Thank you page" field as required.

  4. Next, save your form and click "Publish."

    Here, click "I Will Install My Form" and choose "Raw HTML Version."

  5. Copy the HTML into your favorite text editor and make the following changes to the HTML.

    Find the input field containing a "name" attribute set to "redirect" and remove it.


    Find the select tag with the "name" attribute set to "custom Thank you page" (or whatever you have named it).


    Change that "name" attribute to "redirect".


    Change the "value" attributes for each of the drop-down's options to the URLs of the pages that match the labels your subscribers will see.


  6. Finally, publish this edited version of the HTML to your website.
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