How can I have text prompts appear in my form's text fields?

If you are interested in having text prompts appear in your sign up form's text fields, you can easily do so with AWeber's "Sign Up Form Generator." An example of this would look like the following image:

example image of text prompt in a sign up form

Having these text prompts can be useful, especially if you want to save space and remove the normal "Name" or "Email" labels.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. When creating or editing a sign up form, click on the field you want to work with.

    Edit icon
  2. Towards the bottom of the popup that appears, click the "Show" link next to "Options."

    click the show link in the popup that appears
  3. Enter the text that you would like to appear into the "Value" field.

    enter the text that you would like to appear in the field
  4. Once you're done, click "Save" and you can continue working with your form.
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