What If I Want To Collect Longer Custom Fields?

What If I Want to Collect Longer Custom Fields?

Text areas are a great way to solicit longer or more comprehensive responses from your subscribers. However, when asking for lengthy responses, there are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind.

The first is simply that the more information you ask a subscriber to provide, the less likely they are to complete that form. Try to only ask for data that you are going to put to use.

The 100 Byte Limit

Since AWeber forms accept UTF-8 characters, each submission for a custom field has a 100 byte limit. One character can equal between 3-6 bytes, so the subscribers submission would only be able to be stored up until the 100 byte limit. The 100 byte limit for custom fields is for storage purposes. If a subscriber submits more than this amount of information, it will not be stored in your account.

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