How do I add a Sign Up Form to my Facebook page?

Want to give your followers an easy way to sign up for your email list? Adding your sign up form to Facebook is a great way to turn followers into subscribers!

Our Facebook application allows you to easily add a sign up form to a Facebook fan/business page. Due to the nature of personal Facebook profile pages it is not possible to add a sign up form to those types of pages. If you do not yet have a Facebook fan/business page you can simply create one.

This article explains how to install a sign up form to your Facebook fan/business page through the AWeber app. The app would not be visible for mobile users; however, if you wanted to publish a form to your Facebook page so mobile visitors could sign themselves up, please click here for those instructions.

Note: if you are connecting the app using Firefox, you may need to disable your Enhanced Tracking Protection prior to making completing this setup. You can re-enable those settings once complete.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, be sure to be logged in to your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, click this link to add the AWeber app. After the page loads, click the "Add App to Page" button and log into your Facebook page.


    Once there, choose the page you'd like to add the app to, then click "Add Page Tab."

    Click Add Page Tab

    This will take you back to your profile homepage in Facebook.

  2. From the homepage, you will want to locate "Your Pages" found on the right side of the page.

    Navigate to your Facebook Page

  3. On the next page, find the "Email Signup" tab under "More".

    Locate Email Signup under More

  4. Then, you will want to click the "Configure" button.

    Click Configure button

    You will then be prompted to enter your AWeber login details in order to allow Facebook to connect to your AWeber account. After you have entered your AWeber login details press the "Allow Access" button.

    Click Allow Access to authorize the integration with AWeber

    The page with the "Configure" button will then appear again. Press that "Configure" button again.

    Click Configure button

  5. Next, choose the list you'd like to have subscribers added to:

    Select the mailing list

    And the form you'd like to appear:

    Select the Sign Up Form

    Then click the "Save Changes" button to install your form!

    Note: if you do not complete the above step then a form will not display when a subscriber clicks the "Email Newsletter" tab. Instead they will see a page that says "This page has not been set up yet!"

    This page has not been set up yet!
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