How do I use AWeber's Webform Widget for Wordpress?

With the Webform Widget for Wordpress, you can easily drag and drop forms that you have created in your AWeber account onto your Wordpress page. All you need is your AWeber account and a completed sign up form. This is a great way to provide your website visitors with a way to join your email list.

The following instructions are for placing a form onto a blog that you are hosting on your own domain, using the software.

Users of blogs, please note that they do not permit placing forms on your blog. You may want to have AWeber host your form instead, and simply provide a link to the form on your blog.

Not sure if you have a page? See the differences between the .com and .org versions of WordPress.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. You'll find the AWeber Wordpress Web Form Widget in the store. You can use Wordpress to install the widget for you, but if you're manually installing it, make sure you upload it to "/wp-content/plugins/". Once installed, activate it on your Plugins page by clicking the Activate link.

    If you are not familiar with installing WordPress plugins, has a walkthrough that you can consult.


  2. To connect the widget to your AWeber account, first click "AWeber Web Form" under the "Settings" tab on the left of your Wordpress control panel.


    On this page, click the link next to "Step 1."


  3. You will be taken to a page asking you to authorize the connection between your AWeber account and the widget. Enter your AWeber login name and password here, and click the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password

    You'll be taken to a page with an authorization code (it is a long string of characters) - simply highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.


  4. Back in your Wordpress account, just paste the authorization code into the space provided and click the "Make Connection" button.


  5. Once the plugin is connected, you'll see the "Subscribe By Commenting" section appear on the settings page.


    To enable this feature, just choose the list you would like commenters to be added to, then check the appropriate checkboxes below to allow people to subscribe when they register to your blog or you approve a comment they leave.


    Next, just enter the text that will appear next to the subscription checkbox (this will be set to "Sign up to our newsletter!" by default) in the "Promotion" text are. Once you're done, click "Save."

  6. Once you've installed this widget and connected it to your AWeber account, head over to the Widgets page under Appearance on the left side of your Wordpress dashboard.


    Simply drag the widget (it will show up under "Available Widgets" as "AWeber Web Form") into the widget area in which you'd like your form to appear.


  7. Once the widget is in place, you can choose which form you would like to appear. Expand the "AWeber Web Form" widget's options by clicking the arrow to its right, then use the drop down menus to choose the list you want to work with:


    And the form you'd like to place on your blog:


  8. Then click "Save" to save your changes, and your form will be installed on your blog.

I created a sign up form, but can't find it in the widget

If you just created the form, try refreshing the page and looking again. Also, check any other lists that appear in the first drop down in the Web Form widget - it's important to make sure that you're working in the list you want subscribers to be added to.

Can I use a split test with this widget?

You certainly can! Just create a split test in your AWeber account, and it will appear in the "Step 2: Select A Web Form" menu.

My form doesn't fit in the sidebar, how do I fix it?

Wider forms may not fit perfectly at first, depending on the theme you are using for your blog.

Luckily, you can easily resize your form in AWeber's form generator.

Someone commented on my block but they weren't added to my list

In order to prevent comment spammers from adding bad email addresses to your list, the plugin only adds comments that have been approved. Once a comment is manually or automatically approved, the person who left the comment will be added to your list.

How do I use the plugin's dashboard?

Once the plugin is installed, you will see a new dashboard pane labeled AWeber. Here, you can see how many subscribers have signed up using the new subscribe by comments feature, as well as keep up to date with the latest email marketing news and advice on AWeber's blog.

You can drag the dashboard pane to another location on your WordPress dashboard, minimize it by clicking the arrow in the upper right of the pane, or change the information it displays by hovering over the pane's title bar and clicking "Configure."


How do I adjust the Subscribe On Comment checkbox position?

Certain WordPress themes may have the option to change the position of the subscribe on comment checkbox. However, doing so requires manually editing the plugin code. If you are not comfortable doing this, please consult your web designer.

Note: Make sure that you test these changes immediately after making them. If your changes do not do what you intended, simply undo them.

The file you need to edit is called aweber.php. Near the top of the file (around line 38), you will see comments instructing you on how to make the required changes.


Simply change which line of code is active by following the instructions, like so:


Now save your changes. Remember to test each change you make.

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