Can AWeber host my form?

When creating a sign up form within your AWeber account you are given different options for how you would like to publish the form. If you have your own webpage, you can publish the custom HTML or Javascript of the form on your site; however, if you do not have a webpage, you may want to consider sending potential subscribers to an AWeber-hosted landing page that contains your form. We provide you with a URL that you can send potential subscribers to, which will display the form in the top-center of a blank page.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After you are finished creating your form you will end up on the "Publish" step for the form. If your form is already created just click the "Publish" link underneath the form title.

    Click Publish

  2. Once you are on the "Publish" page, click where it says "Use My Form as a Landing Page."

    Click Use My Form as a Landing Page

  3. You will then see a URL appear. This is the URL to the AWeber landing page that contains your sign up form. Copy the URL and provide to potential subscribers so that they may sign up, or load it into your browser to test it yourself!

    Hosted URL of the form

    If you have any questions on this process please feel free to contact us!
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