What is my form ID?

Each form that you create in your AWeber account will have it's own unique "Form ID." This ID is used to track submissions for your forms and to help distinguish your forms from each other in your account.

So for example, in the screenshot below, the "Form ID" helps us to track the 15 submissions to "Form A" as opposed to the 9 submissions in "Form B." Both "Form A" and "Form B" will have separate unique "Form ID's" that help us to track those submissions.

Form submission stats

How To Find Your Form ID

If you have not already done so, create a sign up form for your list. If you've already created the form, go to the "Sign Up Forms" page and click the "Publish" link from underneath the title of the form that you are looking to get the "Form ID" for.

Click Publish

Next, you will see the options for how you would like to publish your form. Click on the "I Will Install My Form" option and you will see the javascript snippet for that form. Within the javascript snippet you will see a URL that looks something like http://forms.aweber.com/form/12/1234567890.js. Your "Form ID" will be the 10 digits before the .js. The "Form ID" in the example below is 111873352.

Form ID within Javascript code

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