How can subscribers be set for broadcasts only with my form?

After you create your list, when subscribers sign up for your list through your form they would receive your first follow up message immediately once active on the list. If you wanted to have your form set so subscribers would only receive broadcast messages instead of your follow up series, you can easily set this up.

If your account was created after 02/03/2020, the Follow Up Series feature will not be present within your account as this feature has been deprecated. Creating an automated series of messages can be done with Campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, you will need to create your sign up form in AWeber. Once created, go to the "Settings" section of your form.

    Go to the Settings step of Sign up form creation

  2. From your "Settings", click on the option for "Show Advanced Settings".

    choose to see the Advanced settings

  3. From the "Start On Message" drop down menu, choose the option for "No Followups, only Broadcasts".

    With dropdown, choose No Followups, only broadcasts

That's it! You can save your form and publish it accordingly. Now, when subscribers sign up for your list through that form they will be set to receive only broadcast messages. The system marks the subscriber's last follow up message received number at "1001" for this.

Last Follow Up Received

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