How can I change where I get my AWeber bill?

To change your contact details, click on the account settings icon at the bottom-right corner of the control panel. Then, click "My Account."


My Account tab


To Change the Postal Address Where We Send Invoices

Scroll down to find the address section in your "Account information" settings.

Scroll down to Billing address section

Change your address in the boxes there. Click the "Save Settings" button at the end of the page.

To Change the Email Address Where We Send Invoices

First, click on "Notifications" from the left hand side of the page.

Notifications tab

Here, you'll see your email address with two checkboxes to the right of it.

email address settings show on right

Any address with the "Billing" checkbox marked next to it will receive email invoices.

Either edit your address, or add a new address and mark the "Billing" checkbox, then press "Save."

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