Can I merge/combine my lists?

AWeber provides the option to export subscribers from a list and import them into another list without the need for the subscribers to confirm again. Additionally, there is also the option to include or exclude lists when sending a broadcast.

Exporting subscribers / Importing subscribers

If you wanted to move subscribers from one list to another, you can accomplish this by using AWeber's export function listed under on Subscribers management page. Be sure to first select your Currently Subscribed segment from the left-hand Filters options. Once the filter is applied, at the end of your subscribers table, you will use the "Export CSV" button to export your subscribers.

Export CSV button

Once you export the subscribers to a .csv file, simply import the subscribers into your desired list.

Import page

Including lists when sending a Broadcast

When composing a message from one list, you have the option to include additional lists in the scheduling. When including other lists, if a subscriber is subscribed to more than one of the included lists they will only receive one copy of the Broadcast.

To include other lists when you schedule your Broadcast, update the "Who should receive this message?" section from within you "Broadcast Settings". From here, check the "Include" box next to the list(s) you'd like to include. To include all lists, check the top "Include" box. Once complete, click the "Apply" button.

Include lists on your Broadcast

Sharing Campaign between lists

You can easily move your campaign from one list to another by going to the "Campaigns," clicking the options button, then "Copy to List." Please note: when you copy the campaign, it will be in the draft state in the new list. You will have to activate it before subscribers on that list receive it.

Copy to list button for campaigns

Sharing Landing Pages Between Lists

You can also move your landing pages. In order to do this, go to "Pages & Forms" then click the "Landing Pages" tab. From here you would want to click the more options icon.

Click more options icon or the 3 dots placed vertically

Then, click "Copy to List," where you can then select the list to copy your landing page to. Please note: when you copy the landing page, it will be unpublished in the new list. You will have to publish it in order for it to be active. When you publish the page, it will have a different URL associated with it in the new list.

Click copy to list

And that's it! Congratulations, you have successfully merged your subscribers, messages, and landing pages. Now, you can work from one list and utilize tags to further target your subscribers.

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