How do I create a new list?

You can easily create a new list within your account. This enables you to set up separate campaigns for your different websites, or for different groups of people (prospects and customers, for example).

Note: you can only have one list on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to be able to create multiple lists and access many more features by clicking here, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Further instructions on how to upgrade your account if needed can be found here.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click "Lists" from the top-right of your AWeber dashboard.

    Lists button

  2. On this page, click the "Create a List" button to the right.

    Click Create a List

  3. You will be taken to the "Tell Us About Yourself" page. First, enter the name of your company or program that you are marketing. Then enter the website URL for the website that is associated with your company or program.

    Enter your company website URL

  4. After you have entered your company details you will then need to enter your "Contact Address." Enter a postal address that you can be reached at by subscribers if needed. This address will automatically appear at the bottom of any messages that you send out. A valid postal address is required by the CAN-SPAM Act.

    Select the CANS-SPAM address

  5. When you are done entering your "Contact Address," enter your "Sender Name" and "Sender Email" address for your list. This is the name and email address that your messages will appear to come from when subscribers receive your messages. Once you are done filling that out, click the "Next Step" button.

    Set your From Name and Address

  6. Next, you will be taken to the "Describe Your List" page. On this page enter your "List Name." Your "List Name" can be up to 32 characters in length and it is not something that subscribers will see. The "List Name" is mainly for your benefit so you can identify which list you are working on from within in your account.

    Enter your list name

  7. After you have entered your "List Name" you will see the area to enter your "List Description." Here you will want to describe what your mailing list is for. There is a 400 character limit for the "List Description." Subscribers will see your "List Description" on the unsubscribe page if they ever go to unsubscribe from your list. Once you are done entering your "List Description" click the "Next Step" button.

    Enter your list description

  8. On the last page there will be the confirmation message that is sent to subscribers when they are added to your mailing list. This email is sent to subscribers in order to gain their permission and to show that they want to receive information from you. Even if you do not plan on using a confirmation message, you will still need to set it up. First, you can specify what language you want to use for this confirmation message.

    Select a language

    Then, you will need to do is setup the subject line for the confirmation message. If you choose to use one of our approved subject lines you will be given a drop down menu with those pre-approved options.

    Select a subject line

  9. If you do not wish to use one of our pre-approved subject lines you can always type in your own subject line. Just click on the "Request a custom subject line" link.

    Creating a custom subject line

  10. If you choose to type in your own subject line, please allow up to 1 business day for that subject line to be approved. In general, a custom subject line must tell subscribers who you are, explain why they are receiving the confirmation message, and explain what they need to do with the message.

    Custom subject line options

  11. You can also choose to personalize the subject line with information captured from the subscriber by using the Personalize drop down menu. So for example we have chosen to personalize our subject line with the subscribers first name.

    Personalization options for the subject line

  12. After you have selected your confirmation message subject line you can edit the confirmation message itself. Hover over and "Click to edit" the message.

    Editing the concirmation message

    Then, you can designate the Header and Signature of the message as well.

    Header and signature editing

  13. Once you are done editing your confirmation message content just click the "Approve Message & Create List" button at the bottom of the page.

    Click approve message and create list

Congratulations! You've successfully created a new list in your account. You can start setting up messages and adding subscribers.

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