How do I brand my messages?

Building a brand image is an important aspect of developing a successful online business.  Branding involves building a reputation through setting and meeting expectations, something that AWeber email marketing can help your business to excel at.

An important part of your subscribers' expectation of your campaign has to do with how they expect it to appear when they sign up for your list and view your content.

By taking the opportunity to brand your email marketing campaigns to match your website you provide a consistent experience that fosters a growing relationship. In this article, we will provide some initial steps to help you get started with branding your email marketing campaigns. 

  1. Brand messages with your logo. Adding a logo to your messages is a great simple way to start building brand recognition with your subscribers. 

    Example of logo in message

  2. Use your existing content with Smart Designer. Our Smart Designer is a great way to generate branded templates based off of your existing web content.

  3. Add color to your message. Adding your brand colors to your message can help create brand recognition. It can also allow your emails to be more visually striking. 

    Text with a a green background color

    Those are just a few suggestions, be sure to check out our blog for more ideas on expanding your branding across your email marketing campaigns. 

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