Why am I having trouble trying to log into my account?

Are you having issues getting into your autoresponder account?

You're more than welcome to contact our customer solutions team to work out whatever issues you're experiencing, but there are a few things you might want to check on first.

Have you updated your login credentials?

AWeber is currently transitioning from usernames to email-based logins. This is the one of the first steps that you need to take to utilize Team Hub, which allows you to provide access to your account to up to three different users.

When you last logged into your account, you may have been prompted to define an owner for the account, like in the image below.


After you selected one of the email addresses associated with your account, AWeber sent an email to verify the email address and confirm that your login was updated.


If you are having trouble logging in, you may have already made the transition. Try entering the email address associated with your account and your existing password, and you should have access!

Going forward, you will need to use your email address to login. Your old login name will no longer work, but your existing password will not change. If you would like to reset your password you can follow the instructions in the next section of this article.


Note: If your browser auto-fills your login name and password, don’t forget to update it with your new login information.

If you have not yet updated to an email-based login, you can continue logging in using you're existing username. If you would like to switch over to an email-based login or are not being prompted to select an owner, you are more than welcome to contact our customer solutions team to get this set up.

Once you establish that you're the owner of the account, you will be able to invite two other users and assign two different roles to these users. Admin users are similar to the Owner in that they have access to all of the information in the account, including the ability to view and edit billing information. Team members have full access, but cannot view or edit any billing information and also cannot manage or edit your account users. This is a great way to protect your sensitive information while working with your team.

Are you using the correct email and password?

After ordering your account, we sent you an email with a link to set your password. It contains the text "Your AWeber account is Ready!"

If you recently opened an account with us, find this email, and use that to set your password using the link it contains. If you can't find this email, or if you've changed your password since then, you can always reset your password from the login page.

First, click the "Forgot password?" link.


Then, enter the email address you purchased the account with, make sure that "Reset customer password" is selected, and click "Send password reset email."


You'll be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password and log into your account.

Are you entering your password exactly as it was set?

Passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure that you are capitalizing when appropriate, and that you don't have Caps Lock on.

Also, note that passwords never contain spaces, so make sure you're not hitting the space bar at the start, end, or middle of entering your password.

Do you have cookies allowed in your browser?

You may have trouble logging in, or simply be logged out repeatedly if your browser is not accepting cookies properly.

Here are a couple things you can check:

  • Try clearing your cookies. Reset the cookies in your browser, then try logging in again.
  • The date on your computer is set incorrectly. Account login is done using cookies which are dependent upon the date being set correctly on your computer. Make sure your computer's date and time are set correctly.
  • Your web browser is set to reject cookies. Please turn on cookie support to enable account login.

Are you having connectivity issues?

If you are experiencing intermittent connection problems (pages are slow to load, internet access is not consistent), you may have trouble logging into AWeber. Contact your Internet Service Provider for help with connectivity.

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