What Should I Use For My "From" Address?

Although email campaigns are sent using the AWeber service, you are able to set the address that appears in them and to which your subscribers can reply to.

It may seem like a small detail, but it is an important one, and you will want to take a few moments to think about what you use for it.

The Problem with Certain Email Addresses (Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Due to recent changes with internet service providers (ISPs), we can no longer deliver email to your subscribers if your FROM address is a Yahoo! or AOL address. When two big services like Yahoo! and AOL making changes such as this, it will not be long before other email services (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) follow their example.

Instead of using those email services, you'll need to use an email address that is:

  • Based on your website domain, such as marco@pastamarco.com.

Why You Should No Longer Use Email Addresses Not From Your Domain

Email providers use an authentication method called DMARC to prevent spam and other forms of abuse.

As of this writing, Yahoo!, AOL, Zendesk, rocketmail.com, and ymail.com have changed their DMARC authentication standards, and unfortunately, as a result, we cannot deliver your email if the FROM address you're using is with Yahoo!, AOL, Zendesk, rocketmail.com, or ymail.com. Other free service providers such as Gmail and Hotmail will likely adopt these new standards as well. Once these new standards are adopted, any email campaigns sent with a free email address in the FROM line will bounce. 

Please note that this is not an AWeber-specific issue. These changes impact anyone using an email service provider with a sender address from Yahoo!, AOL, Zendesk, rocketmail.com, or ymail.com. 

For a more in depth information about this issue and DMARC, the authentication standard, please check out our knowledge base article on it:

DMARC Changes That Affect Email Addresses


How to Obtain an Email Address that You Can Use

There are ways to obtain a valid sender email address for your AWeber account.

Use an Email Address Based on Your Domain

You'll need to purchase your own domain name (www.mydomain.com) in order to use this option. Once you've purchased a domain name, most domain registrars will allow you to create an email address for that domain. Some registrars provide the option to forward it to another email address.

For example, if you register the domain www.pastamarco.com, you can create an email address with that domain like marco@pastamarco.com and have it forwarded to pastamarco@yahoo.com. Then, you can set marco@pastamarco.com as your FROM address in AWeber. If a subscriber receives your email and replies, any mail they send to marco@pastamarco.com will forward to pastamarco@yahoo.com. 

Visit the domain registrar Namecheap to purchase your own domain name and create an email address within your domain. There are many other domain registrars as well, so feel free to use what's best for you.

Create an Email Address Through Your Hosting Provider

If your website is up and running, you're likely using a hosting provider like Bluehost or DreamHost. Many hosting providers will allow you to create an email address based on your website's domain name.

To set up an address at your domain, login to your hosting account or contact your hosting provider.


How to Update Your FROM Address

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