What Are The Differences Between The Analytics Package And The Legacy Package?

If you opened your account before May 20, 2008 you may be on our grandfathered Legacy package instead of our current Analytics package.

When switching to our Analytics package from our Legacy package, there are a few things you may want to be aware of.

Legacy Package

There are two features that are only available to customers on the Legacy package that are not available to customers on the Analytics package.

Scheduled Reports - Receive the information from reports on the Report page of your account via email on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Reset Follow Up Message Statistics - Reset open and click-thru rates on follow up messages.

Analytics Package

While those features of the Legacy package will not be available for the Analytics package, there are many more features of the Analytics package that are unavailable for the Legacy package.

Analytics - Install our analytics javascript to pages of your website to track subscriber activity on your website outside of the messages you send. 


Sales/Goal Tracking - Sales/Goal tracking goes hand-in-hand with our analytics. After you have installed analytics on your website you can then associate certain page hits on your site with certain sales values or goals.

Broadcast Quickstats Reports Whenever a broadcast message is sent out you will get a Quickstats report for that broadcast. Quickstats reports will provide you with all of the information you will ever want to know about the broadcast sent out. The report includes a graph that shows general and unique open/click rates, sales tracking data, web hit data, unsubscribe data, and subscriber domain type.


Unique Statistics - With the Legacy package you can only see general opens/clicks for your messages. With the Analytics package not only do you get general open/click statistics, but you get unique open/click statistics. Having unique statistics will help you to determine how many of your subscribers are actually clicking on your links and opening your messages on a more targeted basis.


Report Dashboard - Instead of getting scheduled emails for your reports, just add the reports that you review the most to your "Report Dashboard." That way all of your most important reports are in one centralized area.

Account Reports- Not only will you get detailed reports for each of your lists, you will also get reports on how your account is doing overall in terms of opens, clicks and revenue.


Subscriber Activity - See more detailed information about your subscribers. With the Analytics package you can now see which messages a subscriber was sent. Along with that, you can also see which messages they opened and how many times they opened each message. We will also provide you with the information on which links they clicked in your messages and how many times they clicked them. If you have web analytics installed on your site you can also see any data that was captured through the analytics setup.


More Detailed Segmentation - Since analytics will store historical open/click data and other detailed activity for your subscribers, you can now segment your subscribers by that data as well.

Mobile App - Our mobile app uses data that is only available for accounts under the Analytics package. Since the Legacy package does not have access to that same data, customers that are on the Legacy Package will not be able to use our mobile app.

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