How do I use global text snippets?

Global text snippets are bits of text (usually a few words or a short phrase) that you create in order to easily update multiple messages at once in your list, without forcing you to edit each message one at a time. You may not use them for everything, but there are times at which you may find them useful.

For example, let's say that you want to have a featured website in your messages, and you would like that to change every week. You could manually change each message one by one each week, or you could use global text snippets to do the heavy lifting for you.

Note: there is a 100 character limit on these snippets. If you need more text than that, you can add the text directly to your messages, or use multiple snippets together.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to your "List Settings" and click "Personalize Your List" from the left-hand side of the page. 

    Personalize Your List settings

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where the "Global Text Snippets" are located. Give the snippet a name and enter the text you'd like to start with and click the "Add" button. We're starting with domain here so that we can easily change the URL of our featured site, but remember that you can just as easily create a text snippet for anything you'd like such as webinar date, coupon code, event date, etc. These text snippets can be anything that you want to be able to change in many messages at once.

    Add your snippet

  3. Once you click the "Add" button, your snippet will be added to the list. The snippet box will show the name and text, as well as the dynamic content variable that you can use when creating dynamic email messages.

    Snippet with dynamic content

  4. When editing a message, click the text area where you would like the snippet to appear and click the "Personalize" button in the toolbar directly above the element.

    Click Personalize

  5. From the drop-down menu, first select "Your Snippets," then, click on the name of your snippet in that menu.

    Click Your Snippets and select the snippet

  6. Once you've chosen the snippet you want, it will appear in your message. The snippet will be replaced with your text once the message is sent to subscribers.

    Snippet within the message

Using AWeber's HTML Editor?

  1. First, add the snippet to your "Personalize Your List" settings like in steps #1 and #2 above. Then, open the HTML editor to your create your message. Click the "Personalize" button in the toolbar directly above the message editor, and

    Click Personalize

  2. Select the "Your Snippets" from the drop-down menu and select the snippet you've created.

    Select your snippet

  3. And that's it! The snippet will now appear in your message.

    Snippet within the message
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