How do I setup a buyers and prospects list?

When you are running your email marketing campaign, you may want to have separate lists - one for your prospective customers and one for your existing customers. Since each list in AWeber can have a Campaign, someone who is subscribed to a prospect list would receive different Campaign messages than someone subscribed to a customer list.

Additionally, you can create an automation rule that will automatically unsubscribe someone from your prospects list once they purchase from you and become a customer. If you've integrated your AWeber account with a shopping cart such as PayPal, you can set the app to add subscribers to a list after they've completed a purchase to you.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, select your Dashboard by clicking the AWeber logo, scroll down to the "Lists" area of the webpage, and  click "Create New List."  Alternatively you can click on your list in the upper left corner of your account and select "Create New List" from the expanded menu. 

    Click AWeber Logo


  2. You will be directed to a page where you set up your list. If you have a dedicated prospect list, it may be a good idea to name your list to reflect this. Continue through the list creation process to completion. 


  3. Once your prospect list is created, you need to repeat this process  and create your customer list. If you have a dedicated customer list, it may be a good idea to name your list to reflect this.


  4. Now that you have each list created, you can set your automation rule to automatically unsubscribe someone from your prospect list once they are added to your customer list. To accomplish this, you need be in your "Prospect" list (from the current list drop down menu in the upper left), and hover over the "List Options" tab to click "List Automation." Then, click "Add Automation" to get started.

    Add Automation button

    In the window that pops over the page, create the rule for "Unsubscribe from list (name of your prospect list) when subscribing to (name of your customer list)."

    Create automation

    Click "Save" once the rule is added.

    Click Save

That's it! Now when your subscriber signs up for your prospect list they will receive only your prospect list messages. Using PayPal as an example, once the subscriber purchases from you, they will be added to your customer list and be automatically unsubscribed from your prospect list. The subscriber would now only receive the campaign messages from the customer list.

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