How can I attend a free live webinar?

There are two brief steps you need to take in order to participate in a live training session with our Education Team.

Register for a future webinar

Go to our Live Webinars page.

Click on the Sign Up Now button for the seminar you'd like to attend.

Enter your name and email address in the form you see.

Webinar registration page

Once you submit the form by clicking Register Now, you will be taken to a page containing a web address, a phone number, and an access code. Write these down. You'll need them in order to attend (although the audio can be provided over your computer's speakers if you wish).

You will also be sent a copy of this information by email - when it is time for the webinar, you can simply open that email and click the link within.

Webinar registration link

5-10 minutes before the webinar

Check your email and find the message from GoToWebinar. Click the link in that email message.

If you have never been on a webinar with us, you will be prompted to install some software on your computer.  Click Yes or Always whenever prompted. Wait for our Education Team to initiate the session. Once it begins, you will be able to hear them and follow along with what they're doing on the desktop they're using.

Note: You may need to select "Mic and Speakers" or "Telephone" to choose your audio preferences. If you use "Telephone", you will be provided with a phone number to use as well as a necessary PIN to dial in.

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