How do I navigate my list?

There's no better time than now to get started on your email campaign. Fortunately, it's easy and you don't have to go at it alone. Take advantage of our resources as we cover the different sections of navigating your AWeber list.

Setting up your first list will be a bit different than the steps covered here. For more information on setting up your first list, click here. Read through the article for details on how you can navigate your list once created.

Basic Settings

Locate List Options from the navigation bar and choose List Settings from the submenu. Under the Basic Settings section, type in a list name and list description.

Basic Settings

Continue to enter the "From" name and email address that you would like subscribers to see when they receive emails from you.

From address

Click the "Save All Settings" button at the bottom.

Personalize Your List

Move to the Personalize Your List section of the List Settings by clicking on the Personalize Your List icon from the left-hand side of the page. While competing this section is not required, we definitely recommend filling out as much as you can.

Personal Your List section

Under the Company Details section enter the name of the company or program that the campaign will be associated with and enter your website URL that you would like associated with this campaign.

Company name and site

Next, enter the signature that you would like to use for your messages that you send out.

Message signature

If you have a company logo that you would like associated with your campaign, you would upload it here as well.

Logo image

Note: The company logo will keep it's size when you upload it. So if your logo is too large, you may want to resize it before uploading it. We recommend using a logo width of 600px.

In the Social Media Sharing section, you can connect any Twitter or Facebook accounts you might want to integrate with at a later point.

Social Media Sharing

Click the "Save All Settings" button again.

Confirmation Message

Move to the Confirmation Message section of the List Settings by clicking on the Confirmation Message icon at left hand side of the page.

Confirmation Message tab

Here you be able to edit the confirmation message that your subscribers are sent after they sign up to your mailing list. You will be able to edit the subject line, header, and signature of the confirmation message.

Confirmation message editing options

Once you are done editing your confirmation click the "Save All Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

For more information on customizing your confirmation message, please visit the following:


Next, you will want to create your welcome message and autoresponder. To get started, locate the Messages tab and click Drafts from the menu options.

Drafts page

Click "Create a Message" to start using the Drag & Drop Email Builder and customizing your welcome message.

Create a message button

After you create a message, you can add it to a Campaign. Campaigns are our autoresponder feature. Campaign messages will send out automatically at the intervals that you set up. You set a campaign to trigger automatically for all subscribers when they are subscribed or when a certain tag is applied. To create a campaign, find Campaigns under the the Messages tab in the navigation bar. 

Create a Campaign

Then, click "Create a Campaign."

Click Create a Campaign button

For more information on creating a Campaign, check out our article below:

Sign Up Forms

Create your sign up form to collect subscribers from your website. Click on the Sign Up Forms tab in your account. On this page, click the green "Create A Sign Up Form" button.

Create a Sign Up Form

This will then take you to the Sign Up Form Generator where you can customize the design of your form using our templates and adding your own elements.

Form editor

After you publish the sign up form to your website, sign yourself up to your list, just as your subscribers will, and test the entire process. If necessary, make any changes to your sign up form in the sign up form generator.

For a walk through of how to create a sign up form that you will place onto your site in order to collect subscribers, please take a look below:

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Started

Our Knowledge Base is filled with information on using AWeber. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our users when they're first getting started:

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Set up is easy and there's plenty of online documentation, but everyone's business is different so questions may naturally come up at some point. When they do, just get in touch with our Customer Solutions team however it's convenient for you:

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After a quick set up, you'll be ready to see business building results! Thanks for choosing AWeber.

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