How do I enable confirmed opt-in?

"Confirmed Opt-In" is automatically enabled for all subscribers added to your AWeber account. If you find that it is off for your list but would like to turn it on, we will go over how to do this in this article.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Choose the list you want to work with from the "Current List" drop-down menu in the top center of the page.

    Select your current list
  2. Under the "List Options" tab, choose "List Settings."

    Select List Settings from List Options
  3. From the left hand side of this page, click "Confirmation Message" on the right.

    Click Confirmation Message
  4. Finally, if the "OFF" button is red, just click the On button under "Require Op-In", and click "Yes" on the popup that appears.

    Toggle switch to off
    Note: If the "ON" button is already green, that means "Confirmed Opt-In" is already enabled - you don't have to do anything else.
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