How do I collect subscribers?

Building a list of subscribers is vital to your success with email marketing, and it's among the first things you should devote attention to as you set up your account.


There are three methods you can use to build a list of subscribers:
 yes_check.png Publish a form to your website
 yes_check.png Import prospects who have given you permission
 yes_check.png Advertise in print publications


Read this article, and consider which is the best method for you to get started with.  Which one you choose will depend upon on what the needs of your business are.

Where Are Your Subscribers Coming From?

If your business currently utilizes a website, you'll undoubtedly want to put an opt in form on it first and foremost.

If you're still building your website, or operate a brick-and-mortar business (food service, medical, real estate, etc.)  you can consider collecting adding subscribers by manual import or email.

All subscribers must be requesting email specifically from your business.  If there's any doubt, please contact our customer solutions team or refer to the Knowledge Base article covering acceptable and unacceptable collection methods.


Publish An Opt In Form To Your Website

By publishing a form, you instantly make your site more effective for communicating with your visitors.


You can start by publishing your form to your homepage. Later, you can publish forms to other places on your site to optimize the number of sign ups you receive.

Collect Subscribers In Person

Perhaps you run a business that doesn't currently have a website in the works.  Email is still an excellent solution for marketing, but you need to devise ways to build a list with the necessary permission requirements in mind.

If your business has a physical location, review some ways to collect subscribers at your store.

You'll also find ways to collect subscribers at conferences, trade shows, or seminars, if your business participates in them.

Once you have a list of subscribers to add to your campaign, just add them using our Import feature.

Build A List Using Print Ads

If you don't have a website and do not attend events, or if you do but are looking to expand the range of your advertising, you also have the opportunity to run ads in print publications, like newspapers or magazines.

Using Integrations to Get Subscribers

If you are collecting subscribers through another service, we may have an integration setup with them. Through integrations with particular services you can have subscribers added to your AWeber list.

So for example, customers that purchase products from you on Paypal can be added to your AWeber list(s) through our Paypal integration.

We have many other integrations setup with other services. So be sure to check them out to see if subscribers can be added from a service that we may already integrate with.

If we don't have an integration setup for a service that you are using, you can always look into having your web developer (or hiring a web developer) create the application for you through our API. Just have them check out our Labs website for our API documentation.

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