Why use confirmed opt-in?

Confirmed opt-in ensures that only people who want your information are subscribing to your mailing list. Users who use a confirmation message experience:

The practice of confirmed opt-in is a proven email marketing best practice. As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) standard for managing mailing lists, confirmed opt-in ensures the best possible deliverability for your messages.

Engaged subscribers

Only a subscriber interested in receiving emails from you will take the extra step to confirm their email address. So a two-step confirmation is the first step to a quality mailing list.

One of the main ways that email metrics tank is through lack of engagement. Inactive subscribers have to be removed from your list to preserve your sender reputation and overall engagement.

When subscribers confirms their subscription, they are engaged from the beginning and reduces your list cleaning efforts later.

Valid email addresses

Confirmed opt-in prevents people from subscribing to your list with an invalid or malicious address. These can be old addresses, misspelled addresses, spam traps, or deliberately invalid addresses.

While there are services out there that are dedicated to address validation, we do not recommend them and advise you to only use them at your own discretion. There is no service that can completely clean your list of undeliverable/invalid email addresses.

By using a confirmed opt-in, your mailing list will consist only of valid email addresses, and you will have a digital audit trail that shows how subscribers requested your information.

Higher sender reputation

Invalid addresses and disinterested contacts on the mailing list can negatively affect the sender’s reputation.

Invalid addresses will prevent your new IP address from warming up, so use confirmed opt-in to increase the reputation of the sender.

Fewer spam complaints

Confirmed opt-in protects you from false spam complaints. A person who clicks the “subscribe” button twice is more likely to remember they’ve subscribed to your list.

If they remember subscribing to your list, they are more likely to recognize and engage with your emails later on. 

AWeber encourages confirmed opt-in as a best practice in the best interest of our customers long-term as well as maintaining the email ecosystem as a viable marketing channel. As a result, our email deliverability is outstanding.


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