How do I create a segment?

A segment is a collection of subscribers that you can create based off of certain specific search criteria. Segments are a great way to keep track of and reach out to particular groups of subscribers within a list.

Note: This feature is not accessible on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature and many more by clicking Upgrade within your AWeber account, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Under the "Subscribers" tab, choose "Subscribers."

  2. On the search page you can use the "Search Option" drop-down menu to choose which criteria you want to use to create your segment. In the example below, I chose to search for everyone who opened one of my sent broadcast messages. Click the "Search" button once you've chosen what to search for.

    Search criteria

    Note: You can add multiple fields for search criteria by clicking on the "+" sign. So for example, if you only wanted to search for people that were sent that broadcast along with other search criteria, you could do that as well. Just keep in mind that this is an AND search.
  3. Once your search comes up, you can save it as a segment by giving it a name and clicking the "Save" button.

    Name and save segment

    Note: Your segment name will need to be more than 5 characters long.

    Error message
  4. Now that your segment has been saved, you can view it at any time by clicking on it under the "By Segment" category on the left side of the "Manage Subscribers" page.

    By Segment section

    You can also send broadcast messages to segments - a great way to put the information that you've been collecting to work!
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