How do I block a subscriber?

Blocking an email address prevents that address from subscribing to your list.

If you block a subscriber who is already subscribed to your list, the system will unsubscribe them from your list. If you delete that subscriber from your list, they will be prevented from signing back up to your list using that blocked email address.

Note: The system will unsubscribe the blocked email address approximately 60 minutes after the subscriber is blocked in your list.

How to Block an Email Address

  1. Go to the "Subscribers" page in your list.

  2. Click the "Subscriber Tools" tab and select "Block Subscribers."

    Click Block Subscribers
  3. On the "Block Subscribers" page you will want to enter the specific email address you want to block or a general domain (e.g.,, etc.) that you would want to block. In the area for "Reason for Blocking," you can enter a brief note so you remember why you're blocking the address.

    Enter an email address
  4. Finally, click the "Block" button. Any blocked addresses will appear at the bottom of the page.

    Click Block
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