How do I delete a subscriber from my list?

You can delete multiple subscribers from your lists or delete an individual subscriber from the "Manage Subscribers" page. In this article, we are going to walk through the steps to search for and delete a specific subscriber from your list.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Subscribers" tab and select "Subscribers."

  2. Search for the specific subscriber that you would like to delete using the search bar at the top of the Subscribers page. First, select the criteria that you would like to search. In this example, we are going to search based on the email address. Then, click the "Search" button.

    Search a subscriber

  3. Once the search is complete, click the checkbox next to the name of the subscriber you would like to delete.

    Click the checkbox

  4. Then, click the "Actions" button.

    Actions tab

  5. Click "Delete" from the available options.


And that's it! The subscriber's data will no longer be stored in your list.

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