How do I delete a subscriber from my list?

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Home" page in your account.

    Home tab

  2. Towards the bottom of the page next to your "List Stats" you will see a "Subscriber Search" area. From this area you can search for a subscriber based on their email address or name. So, for the empty search box you will want to type the email address of the subscriber you want deleted and then click the "Search All Lists" button.

    Subscriber Search area

  3. This will bring up your subscribers information for any list that they are subscribed to. To delete them from any list you will just want to check off the check boxes in the left column next to the lists that you want them deleted from. Once you have the lists you want the removed from selected just click the "Delete" button to remove them from those lists.

    Subscriber Information for all lists

  4. If you would like to delete more than one subscriber at a time, check the box in the top left of the lefthand column. This will select all subscribers on the page, and you can delete them in bulk.

    Check box to delete or unsubscribe in bulk
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