Can I import and use purchased leads?

Sorry, but we do not allow purchased lists to be imported into AWeber. Purchased lists are forbidden by our terms of service and uploading one can result in your account being terminated.  If you want to check what kind of lists you can upload, you can read our article here.

To be successful with email marketing, be sure your subscribers want to receive emails from you before adding them to a list. Sending emails to people without their permission is a form of spamming. Because subscribers on purchased lists have not explicitly given permission to be emailed by you, emailing to purchased lists is the same as spamming.

There are legitimate and much safer ways to gather subscribers for your account.  Creating a sign up form to place on your website, collecting subscribers in person through the AWeber Atom app, and using integrations with other programs ensures you're collecting subscribers that want to receive your content and results in high engagement with your emails.

For further ways to collect subscribers, you can view our article here.

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