How do I upload a Suppression List?

A suppression file is list of people who you do not want to receive your broadcasts. If you send a broadcast message with a file uploaded, the leads in that list will not receive the message.

This will not unsubscribe any addresses from your list, it will only prevent them from temporarily receiving broadcast messages.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Subscribers" page, click the "Subscriber Tools" tab, click "Suppress Subscribers."

    Suppress Subscribers button

  2. You will now be at the "Suppress Addresses and Domains" page. Paste the email addresses or domains you would like to suppress in the large "Emails or Domains" box.

    Enter email addresses

    Note: The addresses do not need to be in any particular format. They can even be found within other text, such as email addresses found in an email message.
  3. When you're done entering addresses/domains, just hit "Suppress."

    Click Suppress

That's it! Any subscribers uploaded to your suppression list will not receive any Broadcasts unless you remove them.

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