Can I move subscribers from one list to another?

There is not a move function in AWeber to move subscribers across lists; however, you can use Automation Rules to achieve something like this.

To do so, you will create an automation rule that causes someone to be unsubscribed from one list in your account when they sign up to another.

Many AWeber users set up such a rule to unsubscribe people from a prospect list when they purchase a product and sign up to a customers list.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "List Automation" page in your account, under the "List Options" tab.

    Hover over List Options tab and click List Automation
  2. From the "Current List" drop down menu, choose the list that you want people to unsubscribe/move from.

    select your current list
  3. On the "Automation" page, click the dropdown menu in the "Action" column and choose the first option (unsubscribe from list X when lead subscribes to).

    Choose aciton from Create A New Rule dropdown
  4. Click the dropdown menu in the "List" column and choose the list that subscribers will be signing up to.

    Choose target list from List dropdown
  5. Finally, click "Save Automation Rule."

Now, when subscribers sign up to the second list, they will automatically be unsubscribed from the first one!

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