What should I write in my Confirmation Message?

By customizing your confirmation message, you provide your subscribers with a message they recognize and understand, two factors that increase the likelihood that they will take that one step to click on the link in the message.

We provide the option to customize the subject line of the confirmation message, as well as the introduction and closing.

This knowledge base article is meant to cover what should be written in the message. For a how-to, read the article How Do I Customize the Confirmation Message?

You'll want to keep in mind three central points to get across when creating your confirmation message:

Who Is the Message Coming From?

You want to make sure that it is clear who the confirmation message is from so that the new subscriber knows that the sender can be trusted. Whether the message is from your company, your website, or you personally, the important thing will be that your subscribers will recognize the sender.

Why Was the Message Sent?

This may seem redundant, but you want to make it very clear why you are sending this confirmation message - generally this will be because someone just signed up for your mailing list. It's very important here to make the connection between their initial subscription and this confirmation message.

What Needs to Be Done With the Message?

Finally, you need to make it clear that something needs to be done with the message - that confirmation link needs to be clicked. This ensures that the message isn't simply ignored or set aside for later and forgotten.

What Should My Subject Look Like?

Along with the From/Reply address for your list, this is the first thing your subscribers see when they your message in their inbox.

You'll want to choose one of our pre-approved subject lines or customize your own subject. If choosing one of our pre-approved subject lines, you can select the subject line from the drop down menu provided.


If using a custom subject line, there is a link provided that you will click to "Request Approval for a Custom Subject Line".


You can enter your custom subject line here: We recommend including your company or website name and any related information that subscribers can use to recognize who they are confirming this message from. You can also use the subscriber's name from the personalization drop down menu provided.


Try to answer those three questions mentioned above all in your subject line. In this case:

Who is the message coming from? - (This is the name of the website in question.)

Why Was the Message Sent? - (This is what they signed up for on the website.)

What Needs to Be Done With the Message? - You need to Activate Your membership (other good phrases here include Confirm Your Subscription or Response Required).

What Should My Introduction Look Like?

Once your subscribers have opened the confirmation message, you still need them to actually click that link. This is where the introduction section of your message comes in. We recommend that you customize this part of the message.


Things that you want to include:

  • Multiple references to the confirmation link further down the message. Since clicking that link is the only thing that your subscriber needs to do with the confirmation message, don't be afraid to have 2-3 calls to action in the introduction.
  • Reasons that the subscriber would want to confirm. Let your subscribers know what they are going to get out of confirming. This can be as simple as telling them the kind of information that you plan to send.

Things that you DON'T want to include:

  • Links back to your (or any other) website. You need your subscribers to click that confirmation link, so you don't want to confuse the issue with multiple links in one message. Even if it is clear that the extra link you include is separate from the confirmation link, you don't want people leaving the message before they confirm.
  • Other content unrelated to the confirmation process. Again, the focus needs to be on getting your subscribers to confirm. If you really want to send them content immediately, keep in mind that they will receive your welcome message right after they confirm.

What Should My Closing Look Like?

A quick "Thank You" or something similar such as your company's name is all that is needed.


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