How do I delete my unsubscribes?

You can delete unsubscribed (inactive) addresses from your list at the "Subscribers" page of your account.

Note: Because unsubscribed addresses count toward your total number of subscribers (and thus the cost of your AWeber account), some customers choose to delete their unsubscribes periodically. However, if you delete unsubscribes from your list, any reports in your account regarding unsubscribes will be affected by this (those unsubscribes will no longer be reflected in your statistics) and you will not be able to use that unsubscribe data to analyze and improve your campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. On your Subscribers page, under the "Subscriber Tools" tab, click "Delete Unsubscribed".

    Under Subscriber Tools dropdown click Delete Unsubscribed

  2. This will display a popup confirming you want to delete your unsubscribes, just click the red "Delete" button.

    Click red delete button to confirm

    Note: This process can take up to 2 hours to complete, do not be concerned if you don't see your unsubscribes removed immediately.
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