How can I improve my confirmation rate?

Sending a confirmation message is one of the best ways to protect your list against SPAM complaints and malicious sign ups to your list. It helps to keep the unsubscribe rate lower, as people signing up to your list have confirmed that they want to receive your messages.

That said, there will be some people who sign up and do not confirm.

What can I do?

After your subscribers submit their information through your form they are taken to a thank you page.

On this page, you should tell them what's going to happen next and provide clear instructions on what they need to do in order to complete the sign up process. To increase your confirm rate it is important to remove any uncertainty your subscribers might have about how to proceed after they've entered information in your form.

Make sure to explain that your subscribers will receive a message asking them to confirm.

You don't have to use the phrase "Confirm your subscription", but you'll need to make sure that it is very clear what will happen after a subscriber signs up to your list. Let's say they've registered for your webinar, you'll want to include content about "completing their registration" and show people what the message is going to say.

Here is an example of what that message might look like:

Confiramtion message example

You can also use pictures and video to show the message to subscribers and explain what exactly they should do to proceed.

In addition to your thank you page, you need to optimize your confirmation message as well. The message should reinforce what you said on your thank you page and explain what needs to be done to complete the process.

Note: It may seem redundant, but it's important to restate what your subscribers signed up for in this message. We all receive a lot of email everyday, and you don't want your messages lost in the shuffle.

If someone reads this message hours after signing up will they would understand who you are, remember what they need to do?

Other things to keep in mind

Make sure that your From Name and Address are recognizable. This information is the first thing your subscribers will see when looking for your message in their inbox.

If people are signing up on your website, ensure your From Address matches the domain. This reminds potential subscribers where the confirmation message has come from. Keeping that continuity in your sign up forms and overall funnel creation helps potential subscribers move further towards your intended goal.

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