Can I bulk unsubscribe people and block them at the same time?

Yes, using the Unsubscribe page in your account, you can unsubscribe and block someone from one or all of your lists.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Under the "Subscribers" tab, choose "Manage Subscribers."

    Hover over Subscribers tab and click Manage Subscribers

  2. At the bottom of the "Manage Subscribers" page underneath "Additional Tools", you will want to click on "Bulk Unsubscribe Tool."

    Bulk Unsubscribe Tool button

  3. On the "Unsubscribe" page, you will want to enter the email addresses that you would like to remove and block into the "Addresses to Unsubscribe" area.

    Addresses to Unsubscribe box

  4. Check the box to "Block These Addresses", and also check "Remove From All Lists" if you'd like to block them from signing up for your other lists.

    Remove From All Lists? and Block These Addresses? check boxes

  5. When you're done, just hit the "Unsubscribe" button.
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