How do I find a subscriber?

If there is a particular subscriber or group of subscribers you're looking to find within your lists, you can take a list-specific or account-wide approach to finding them.

Finding a Subscriber on All Lists

  1. Click the "Dashboard" tab of your account. 


  2. At the bottom of the page, you will find a section where you can search for your subscriber across all lists in your account.

    Searc All Lists bar

  3. On the page you can see your subscriber on each list that they have joined. You can check the "List" column to see which list each entry is for.

    List column

Finding a Subscriber on a Specific List

  1. Under the "Subscribers" tab, click Subscribers. On this page, choose your search criteria (such as "Name" or "Email") from the first "Search Options" drop-down menu.

    Search options

    Note: You can add additional search criteria. To do so, simply click the plus button next to the "Search" button. When doing so, subscribers that match ALL criteria that you've searched for will be found - if a subscriber matches one, but not another, they will not be displayed.

    Add a search option

  2. Enter the search term (i.e. the subscriber's email address or name that you are looking for) in the text field to the right, then click "Search."

    Search for subscriber
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