How do I collect subscribers at my store?

The gap between online and offline marketing continues to narrow as internet usage becomes more widespread and present in more parts of consumers' everyday lives.

In fact, 91% of American adults say they use email (source: Pew Internet & American Life Project), while 35% of small business owners polled said losing Internet access would have a major impact on their business (Source: Wells Fargo/Gallup survey).

Email marketing is a crucial component of the marketing strategy of successful online businesses. Whether your business is online, offline, or both, email should be part of your own strategy for acquiring new customers and gaining loyalty from current ones.

If you have a physical location for your business or interact with customers directly, find ways to collect email address and permission to send a newsletter and/or other incentives. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Customer interacting with cashier at checkout

Advertise on any print publications

There are many compelling reasons to have a website for your business.  But if you don't have one, you can still build a permission based email campaign using email for signing up. Whatever method you choose, advertise it prominently on everything you print for your business:

yes_check.png Receipts        yes_check.png Bags
yes_check.png Signs yes_check.png Business Cards
yes_check.png Stationary yes_check.png Product Packaging
yes_check.png Brochures yes_check.png Advertising
tip_bulb_small.png If you're directing people to your website, make sure your sign up form stands out on the page people see when visit it.

Promote your newsletter on the phone

If people call in after hours or need to wait on hold for a period to speak with someone, you have great opportunities to:

yes_check.png Provide them with an immediate opportunity to get information about your business
yes_check.png Convert someone who may hang up and never call back into a continued prospect you can build a profitable relationship with

You can send them to your website, with a form they can sign themselves up with.  Or, have them provide their email address (have them spell it out) to your sales and support teams or in their voicemail message.

Once You've Collected Subscribers

If you have collected a list of subscribers, to add the subscribers you've received permission from, compile them into a spreadsheet or type them right into our Import feature.

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