Why Is My Import Being Manually Reviewed?

When reviewing the status of your import, you may see a message like this:


This message indicates that your import has been submitted to our Customer Solutions team. Imports are reviewed multiple times throughout each business day during our office hours.

Your import will be reviewed by the end of the business day.

Why Is My List Being Reviewed?

A clean list that can be used with AWeber will have been mailed regularly, with requests for unsubscribes promptly honored, and undeliverable addresses automatically removed. Before email was sent to its subscribers, explicit permission for email must have been given.

When your import is submitted, it goes through a process that helps us to automatically determine whether or not this was the case. We look at:

How permission was obtained for email
The age of a list and how recently it was emailed
Other items that indicate proper (or poor) list management

If there is any data indicating a lack of management, the import is flagged for a more detailed review by a real, live person.

Why Does List Management Matter?

When Internet Service Providers (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!) process messages sent to their users to decide whether to deliver them, one of the things they look for is the reputation of the sender, based on several factors including:

The number and percentage of messages addressed to undeliverable email addresses.

If a sender is seen as sending too high a percentage of messages to undeliverable addresses, or email addresses that are no longer (or never were) valid, the deliverability of the sender's messages is reduced.
The number and percentage of complaints filed by recipients when they click on the "Mark as SPAM" button.

Increasingly, ISP's are interested not only in the initial permission given to receive email by their users, but also in their continued interest in messages. Messages sent to unmanaged lists tend to file a disproportionate number of these complaints.

In order to maintain the highest rate of delivery for you and all of our customers' messages, we can accept only lists that meet high standards for management.

Can't You Clean the List For Me?

The process we use to determine list management is only efficient in its specific purpose of pointing out potential problems that need reviewing.  If a further review indicates serious problems with a list, it must be rejected. 

Unfortunately, the only way to clean a list is to get permission then send mail regularly using system that manages it properly.  Any other cleaning would be superficial and problems would still exist.

Fortunately, properly managed lists will be imported without issue. Often times, flagged imports are reviewed and promptly approved by our solutions team.

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Subscribers I Can Import?

The limit for the amount of subscribers you can import into your account without having a manual review is 10,000 subscribers per month. If you ever need to increase this limit to import more than 10,000 subscribers per month without going to a manual review first, please contact our support team and we would be happy to review this request for you.

How Can I Check On My Import's Status?

You can easily check your import status from within "Subscribers" tab of your account.

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